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Certified Forensic Accounting Professional Certification is designed to equip an accounting and finance professional to understand the nuances of forensic accounting and effectively make use of this knowledge for preventing, detecting, investigating and reporting financial frauds. The course structure enables an in-depth understanding of the nature of forensic accounting while elucidating its purpose in the present age. This course goes beyond the pigeon-hole theory of fraud prevention and tries to incorporate the dynamic subject of frauds in a comprehensive manner focussing on specific detention and prevention techniques.



This course is recommended to the accounting, auditing, management or finance professionals from Supervisory Agencies, Investment Banks, Central Banks, Co-operative Banks, Financial Institutions, Mutual Funds, Public Sector, Private Sector and MNC Banks, Information Technology, Brokerage Houses, Manufacturing concerns, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Rating Agencies, and Accountancy Firms




  • Understanding Qualities of a Forensic Accountant

  • Different types of Frauds – Cash Fraud, Inventory Fraud, Accounts Payable Fraud, Accounts Receivable Fraud, Payroll Fraud, Revenue Recognition Fraud

  • Identification of Red Flags of frauds

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Methods of Data collection, preservation and documentation

  • Corporate Ethical Behaviour

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • Case Studies



After successfully completing the course, the student will receive a Joint Certificate of Completion by NSE Academy and Indiaforensic, having three years validity from the date of successful completion.

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NSE Academy & TRADING CAMPUS presents "Algorithmic Trading & Computational Finance using Python & R" - a certified course enabling students to understand practical implementation of Python and R for trading across various asset classes.


This course will provide exposure to application of Python for Algorithmic Trading and "R" for Computational Finance. Students will learn to develop Real-Time Strategies and create a trading engine that will be supported by advance data analytics. Python and R provides a quantitative edge in Advance Capital Markets - Our students will be a step ahead of competition


Program Highlights are as follows:


  • Program conducted by faculty with extensive trading experience.

  • 100 Hours program to build Algorithmic Trading strategies with advanced data analytics.

  • Ready to use Strategies & Template with back testing feature.

  • Understand High Frequency Trading, AI & Machine Learning.

  • Faculty with industry experience.

  • Two months internship for top successful candidates.

Algorithmic Trading using Python


Technical Trading (Using Python):


  • Basics of Technical Analysis : Chart Types, Chart Patterns, Gap Theory, Candle Pattern, Technical Indicators.

  • Designing of Strategy Builder using Technical Indicators & Price Theory.

  • Designing of Back-Testing platform to achieve strategy optimization.

  • Real-time API Connectivity by handling Broadcast, OMS & RMS.

  • Real-time API Connectivity by handling Broadcast, OMS & RMS.

  • Comprehensive LIVE Strategy Engine.


Options Trading (Using Python):


  • Basics of Options Trading : Option Payoffs, Black Scholes Calculator, Greeks Profile.

  • Implementing Option Strategies in Live Market using Python.

  • Designing Greeks Dashboard for hedging mechanism.

  • Delta Neutral, Gamma Hedging & Volatility Trading using Live Simulators.

  • Design Back-Testing platform for IV Trading, OI Analysis & Results Trading.

  • Strategy based on Volatility Smile & Volatility Skew.


Grey Box & Black Box Trading (Using Python):


  • Implementation of Scalping, Scaling, Advance Jobbing & Trend Jobbing in Live Market Environment.

  • Triangular Arbitrage Strategies for Forex & Commodities.

  • Mean Reverting Strategies like Pair Trading using Z score Model.

  • Basket Strategy (Index-Index, Index-Stocks).

  • Statistical Arbitrage Strategies.

  • Pre & Post Result based Trading Strategies using Sentiment Indicators.

  • Overview on High Frequency Trading.

  • Overview on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Trading.


Computational Finance


Equity & Fixed Income Analytics (Using R):


  • Fundamental Analysis using Ratio Calculations.

  • Peer Group Comparison.

  • Stock Selection Strategy based on Decision Trees.

  • DCF Valuation and Sensitivity analysis.

  • Bond Pricing along with duration and convexity.

  • FX & Interest Rate Derivatives like Interest Rate Futures, Swaps, Currency Options.


Portfolio Analytics & Risk Management (Using R):


  • Implementation of CAPM, APT & Fama French Model.

  • Market Neutral Portfolio & Balanced Portfolio.

  • Model Portfolio using Efficient Portfolio Theory.

  • Risk Estimation – VAR, Beta, Covariance Matrices, Correlation.

  • Historical VAR, Stress analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation.

  • Credit Rating Matrix & Credit Risk Models.

Eligibility: 12th + Graduation (Basic coding background/knowledge)

Duration: 4 Months (Includes 1 Month for Project work)

Batch Types: Weekend (Sat, Sun)

Batch Modes : Online & Offline

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NSE Academy, in collaboration with ALPHABETA, brings to you the most advanced data visualization and immersive learning platform.

Why this course is important?

The Indian Mutual Fund & Wealth Management industry is bound to grow manifold in the coming years. This course gives an opportunity to learn about the portfolio management strategies, which are adopted by Fund managers. At the end of the course, you will be able to confidently talk investments, be ready to be an analyst, and eventually manage stock portfolios.


Equity Portfolio Management course provides a practical introduction to equity portfolio management. Using an interactive app, the learning is driven by simulation techniques that allow you to visualize stocks, learn concepts, make decisions, and create trades like a portfolio manager. You will start with simple concepts and graduate progressively to more complex strategies using both statistical and fundamental methods.

Everything you will learn in this course is grounded in strong academic research but is also used by leading real-world portfolio managers. The concepts in this course serve as the basis for the management of hundreds of billions of rupees of assets daily.

  • Learn on the Go
  • Game based pedagogy
  • Manage portfolios in real time
  • Global asset management strategies
  • Simulate Strategies & Back testing
  • Learn rigorous academic and professional research content in a visual exploration environment
  • Compete globally with your peers to establish your track record
  • Joint certification from NSE Academy Ltd - The wholly owned subsidiary of NSE and ALPHABETA - The New York based entity
  • Available on IOS, Android, MAC OS X, Windows 8+

       a. Analytical - based on finance theory

       b. Quantitative - based on math

       c. Heuristic - based on best practice acquired through repetition

  • Concepts are grouped as:

  • In each session, you will learn one new concept in each category and apply them in the corresponding lab experiment. As a learner, you will have access to a video lecture, a lab experiment (simulation), a presentation supplement and a quiz. Multiple sessions will constitute a module
  • At the end of each module, you will have an assignment that will be heavily based on the lab experiments, simulations and your reading of the academic papers for additional credit
  • In many cases, you will be asked to perform the lab experiment first, then learn what you did in the lecture and repeat the lab experiment again

While lectures and presentation materials are provided, they are merely the scaffolding to the real learning that will come from doing things practically and interactively.

    a. Option 1: Discussions will be facilitated in a classroom based workshop (in Mumbai), by Global Portfolio         Managers with Wall Street experience

       b. Option 2: Online mentored programme with a weekly connect for discussion and resolution of queries

  • There are two course options:

Eligibility: Minimum HSC

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NSE Academy, in collaboration with Trading Campus, is offering a joint certified programme on "Live Trading Strategies".

NSE Academy & TRADING CAMPUS presents a "Certified Program on Live Trading Strategies"

Financial Markets has revolutionized the way financial assets are traded. Thus it is imperative to develop domain knowledge in Equity analysis, Technical Analysis & Algorithmic Trading. Technology and well defined strategies should be used intensively to maximize returns in a highly competitive environment.


Our effort is to provide exposure to Real-Time Markets by use of Simulators.

Program Highlights :


  • Certified program by NSE Academy & Trading Campus
  • Placement opportunity with top brokerage houses as analyst role
  • 100 Hours of practical training on Real Time Markets
  • 100+ built in strategies with back testing feature
  • Faculty with industry experience
  • Opportunity to get hands on experience of latest systems used in Algo Trading,Technical Trading, Risk analysis , etc
  • Foundation for portfolio management and risk analysis


Two months internship for top successful candidates.


The aim of the Certified Program on Live Trading Strategies is to develop skills and competency of market participants in securities markets.

The evaluation process involves project reports prepared by applying strategies in Real Time Markets and MCQ's covering the theory content.

Who will benefit from this course?


  • Retail Traders
  • Financial Service Professionals
  • Students
  • Anybody having interest in the Stock market operations

Technical Studio (50 Built in Strategies)

  • Basics of Technical Analysis (Theory) : Chart Types, Chart Patterns, Gap Theory, Candle Pattern, Technical Indicators
  • Technical Studio: Strategy (Practical): Builder, Back Testing, Live Stimulator

Algo Studio ( 25 Built in Strategies)

  • Basics of Technical Analysis (Theory) : Chart Types, Chart Patterns, Gap Theory, Candle Pattern, Technical Indicators
  • Basics of Algo Trading (Theory): Electronic Trading, Components of Algo System, Working flow of Algo Strategy.

Option BOX ( 25 Built in Strategies)

  • Basics of Option Trading (Theory): Option Payoffs, Black Scholes Calculator, Greeks Profile.
  • Option Stimulator(Practical): Option Strategies, Greek Dashboard, Live Stimulator.

Analyst Corner

  • Basics of Financial Statements, Financial Ratios, Secular & Cyclical Sectors value Migration, Finding the next BIG Trend, Portfolio Construction.

Portfolio and Risk Management

  • Financial Market Risk, VAR, EWMA, GAARCH, Historical VAR, Stress analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Basic of Credit Risk, Credit Rating.

Eligibility: Minimum HSC

Duration: 3 Months

Location: Mumbai

Batch Types: Weekdays (Tues, Wed, Thus) & Weekend (Sat, Sun)

Batch Modes : Online & Offline

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