Compliance Calendar


Quarterly Compliances

  Clause 35 - Shareholding Pattern Within 21 days from quarter end
  Clause 41 - Financial Results Within 45 days from quarter end
  Clause 49 - Corporate Governance Within 15 days from quarter end
  Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Within 30 days from quarter end

Other Compliance Requirements

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Clause 16   –  Notice for Corporate Action

Clause 19   –  Notice for Board Meeting to consider the prescribed matters

Clause 20   –  Outcome of Board Meeting held under Clause 19

Clause 20A –  Declaration of Dividend

Clause 22   –  Credit of Bonus Shares

Clause 30   –  Change in Directors/Auditors

Clause 31   –  Submission of copies of Annual Report/Proceedings of AGM/EGM

Clause 32   –  Disclosures in Annual Report/Change of name

Clause 33   –  Amendment in Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

Clause 36   –  Disclosure of Price-Sensitive Information

Clause 38   –  Listing Fees

Clause 41   –  Notice for Board Meeting and other submissions w.r.t Financial Results

Regulation 30(1) and 30(2) - SEBI Takeover Regulations

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Compliance Calendar is applicable to companies whose equity shares are listed on the Exchange.   The compliance requirements shown above are indicative only.  Companies are requested to refer to Equity Listing Agreement for detailed compliances.