NSE Working Papers

S.No. Title Author
February 2015
1 How Good is the Transformation-Based Approach to Estimate Value at Risk? Simulation and Empirical Results G.P. Samanta
January 2015
1 Long Run performance of Rights Issues and FPOs: Evidence from India Soumya G. Deb and Krishna C. Kamisetty
December 2014
1 Debt, Bankruptcy Risk, and Corporate Tax Sheltering Akanksha Jalan, Jayant R. Kale, and Costanza Meneghetti
March 2014
1 Reference Price Bias and Regulations in Indian Mergers and Acquisitions Kavitha Ranganathan and Poonam Singh
2 Run-up in Stock Prices Prior to Merger & Acquisitions Announcements: Evidence from India Pitabas Mohanty and Supriti Mishra
January 2014
1 Ownership Trends in Corporate India (2001–2011): Evidence and implications Bala N. Balasubramanian and Anand Ramaswamy
November 2013
1 Nature of Corporate Bond Yield Curves: The case of India Rituparna Das
August 2013
1 India Volatility Index (India VIX) and Risk Management in the Indian Stock Market M. Thenmozhi and Abhijeet Chandra
July 2013
1 The Indian Private Equity Model Afra Afsharipour
August 2012
1 Developing the Securities Lending and Borrowing Market in India Gopi Krishna Suvanam and Manish Jalan
March 2012
1 An Analysis of Exchange Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises in India Tanika Singh
2 Developing the Market for Corporate Bonds in India Vikramaditya Khanna and Umakanth Varottil
January 2012
1 The Growth of Global ETFs and Regulatory Challenges Reena Aggarwal
November 2011
1 Moving Ahead with Exchange Reforms Vijay Kelkar
2 Cost of Trading in Stock Exchanges: a Perspective Nirmal Mohanty
3 On the Linkages among Selected Asian, European and the US Implied Volatility Indices Puja Padhi

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