Management Development Programmes @ NSE

It has been the endeavor of NSE to spread knowledge about financial markets as widely as possible. To further our intiatives in the field of finance NSE has now started "Management Development Programmes". NSE's Management Development Programs are vital for practicing professionals and managers who are keen to take on leadership roles within their organisations.

Designed with the aim to enhance competitiveness of executives at all levels in the financial industry, the programs also assist professionals to take on leadership roles individually and collectively, while improving their knowledge.

NSE's MDP attract some of the finest faculty, as well as from the diverse experience of fellow learners.

The programs are currently being conducted at Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata regions only.


Sr. No. Course title Registration
Date * Fees Courses
1 Tactical Trading Closed 27th & 28th December, 2014 13,350 + S.Tax

1 TECHNICAL ANALYSIS & SYSTEMATIC TECHNICAL TRADING(Chart and Non-Chart Based) Open 24th January, 2015 3,560 +
ST (Rs.4000/-)

1 Economic Environment and Capital/Derivatives Market Operations Open 10th & 11th January, 2015 10,000
(All inclusive)

2 Forex Market and Currency Risk Management Open 17th & 18th January, 2015 10,000
(All inclusive)
3 Fixed Income Market Open 31st Jan & 1st Feb, 2015 10,000
(All inclusive)
4 Fundamental Analysis Open 7th & 8th February, 2015 10,000
(All inclusive)
5 Technical Analysis Open 14th & 15th February, 2015 10,000
(All inclusive)
6 Financial Valuation and Modeling Open 21st & 22nd February, 2015 10,000
(All inclusive)
1 Demystifying Option Trading
& Strategies
Open 27th December 2014 4,000/- + ST

1 Executive Workshop
On Technical Analysis
Open 16th & 17th January 2015 12,500/- (incl. of taxes)

Note :  * Limited Seats - Please register in advance.

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